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About this game

Dive into the juicy world of Fruit Drop, where merging fruit yields a deliciously satisfying experience. Drop fruit onto the board, match them wisely, and watch as your orchard blossoms with each successful merge. With captivating gameplay and brain-teasing challenges, this melon merge game will keep you entertained for hours!


  • • Fruit Drop Delight: Master the art of fruit merge to create new and exciting fruit drop combinations.
  • • Melon Merge Madness: Combine melons strategically to unlock unique and delightful fruit drop varieties.
  • • Fruit Pop Puzzles: Engage in addictive logic puzzles as you pop and merge fruits to reach new levels of melon merge fun.
  • • Watermelon Game Bliss: Immerse yourself in the ultimate suika game experience, merging watermelons for maximum fruit merge satisfaction.
  • • Match Fruit Mania: Challenge your matching skills and create explosive combos with every fruit drop match.
  • • Orchard Challenges: Unlock new challenges as you progress, keeping the fruit drop gameplay fresh and exciting.
  • • Increasing Complexity: From novice fruit dropper to expert melon merge master, each level offers a unique merging challenge.
  • • Brain-Boosting Fun: Sharpen your mind with each strategic melon merge, turning fruit drop into a captivating logic puzzle.
  • • Beautifully Crafted Design: Enjoy high-quality graphics that make every fruit drop and melon merge a visually stunning experience.

How to play

  • • Drop Fruits Strategically: Tap and release to drop fruit onto the board, planning your moves for optimal merging.
  • • Merge Melons Wisely: Combine fruits of the same type to unlock new and delightful fruit drops.
  • • Pop and Match: Pop melons by merging them, creating chain reactions for extra points and bonuses.
  • • Watermelon Unleashed: Dive into the suika game experience by merging watermelons for explosive melon drop results.
  • • Master Fruit Matching: Use your matching and melon merging skills to complete challenges and progress through levels.

Embark on a fruit droppy adventure and experience a blend of strategy and entertainment. Are you ready to drop, merge, and match your way to fruit combine filled victory?

System requirements

Available for Android phones and tablets & iOS iPhone and iPad devices

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