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About this game

Do you like to play water color sorting puzzle games? Try these Color Sort challenges and solve more than hundreds of bottle sorting puzzles in this addictive water bottle game. Experience various and increasing levels of difficulty. Start with an easy game and finish with the hardest water puzzle.

First look at all the tubes filled with colored waters. Make sure to sort tubes by pouring the right colors in the water tubes and fill the bottles with the same color so all colors match. Before pouring water into another tube, make sure the water bottle is empty or you are pouring colored water on the same color. In general this is the only rule in water color sort games. Clear all challenging levels and become the water games 2022 master!

Having a hard time solving the water sort puzzle? You can restart each water color game at any time! Also you can undo your water sort matching skills up to your very first move. If you like jigsaw puzzles and sort puzzles you will love liquid sorting in this water color game!

This water color game allows you to customize all water colors to your liking to enhance visibility and distinction.


  • 🔲 1000+ levels of color sorting fun
  • ☝️ Simple one finger control sort puzzle
  • 🎨 Customizable water colors
  • 💾 Autosave your water pouring
  • ⌛ No time limit or water pour limit
  • 🎵 Fun water pour sounds
  • 🤯 Easy to hard challenging water sort puzzles for adults
  • 🧠 Formidable 3D water sort brain teasers
  • 🤦 Restart a sortpuz game when stuck
  • ⏱️ Easy to learn and quick to play
  • 📶 Play this water pour game offline
  • 💸 Free to download sortpuz game

How to play

  • • Tap a tube to select it
  • • Click another tube to pour the water
  • • Sort the colors and fill the tubes
  • • Complete the level and unlock the next one
  • • Pour more water in the cups and puzzle on
  • • Enjoy the water color games!

System requirements

Available for Android phones and tablets & iOS iPhone and iPad devices

Supported languages



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