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About this game

Dive into a world where rotating the circle is your key to untangling a complex web of metal rings. With its captivating gameplay and addicting logic puzzles, this circle game will have you hooked in no time.


  • • Rotating the circle: Master the art of rotating the circle to align the rings into their correct positions.
  • • Rotate the rings: Each level comes with a set of rings that you must rotate to solve the puzzle. Rotate all metal rings and watch as the chaos turns into order!
  • • Unlock rings: The more rings you unlock, the more challenging your gameplay experience becomes.
  • • Increasing difficulty: From beginner to expert, each level requires you to rotate the circles with precision and strategy.
  • • Mind-stretching logic puzzle: This is not just a circle game; it's a logic puzzle that demands focus, attention, and skill to untie rings.
  • • Addictive gameplay: Rotating the circle and rings keeps you engaged for hours.
  • • Brain-boosting logic puzzle: Sharpen your mind with every rotate-the-circles challenge you solve.
  • • Beautiful design: High-quality graphics make rotating the circle an engaging and visually stunning experience.

How to play

  • • Start by rotating the circle:
    Tap and drag to rotate the circle to your desired angle.
  • • Rotate the rings:
    Swirl and rotate the rings to find the perfect alignment to unlock the circles.
  • • Unlock rings:
    Break the locks to untangle the circles and to complete the level.
  • • Solve the logic puzzle:
    Use your wits to untangle the rings and master each level.

Untie all metal rings and experience an untangle game that not only provides entertainment but also fine-tunes your logical thinking. Are you ready to rotate the circles and unlock rings for an exciting and brain challenging journey?

System requirements

Available for Android phones and tablets & iOS iPhone and iPad devices

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