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About this game

Step into a world of surprise and anticipation with this satisfying unboxing experience! Enjoy the thrill of revealing boxes, where every cut, tear, and rip brings you closer to unpacking the mystery inside. Start unboxing the gift by ripping tape, tearing paper, removing staples and cutting ribbon without scissors!

How to play

  • • Tap a ribbon to cut it
  • • Tap a staple to remove it
  • • Swipe paper to tear it
  • • Swipe tape to peel it
  • • Unwrap the box from top to bottom
  • • Open the box to complete the level

Enjoy the satisfying peel pleasures of gift wrap unpacking by tearing, scratching, and peeling away layers of tape, ribbon, and paper to reveal the hidden treasures within. Unravel the unboxing mystery one satisfying peel at a time. Download now to enjoy 1000+ peel levels of unpacking and unboxing pleasure!

System requirements

Available for Android phones and tablets & iOS iPhone and iPad devices

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